Start a Business for a Refugee Woman

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  • Start a Business for a Refugee Woman
  • Start a Business for a Refugee Woman
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Start a Business for a Refugee Woman

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Help a refugee woman start a business

When a woman rises, she lifts everyone around her. Women shoulder the heaviest burden in almost every conflict or crisis. But women also carry others with them when they rise from the ashes.

When you invest in refugee women, helping her start her own business, she uses that investment to benefit those around her. Whole communities are transformed, often by a single investment in one woman. We’ve seen it over and over.

More than half the small businesses we support in the Middle East are created and owned by women.

Give today to help another woman start her own business and reclaim the future—for herself and her loved ones.


$50 provides startup funding, supplies, and personal coaching for a refugee-turned-business owner. If you're donating in honor of someoneclick here to download the gift card!

  • Items in stock will ship from the US in approximately 2 business days. Please allow 2–6 weeks for international delivery. An additional customs fee may be charged by governing authorities on international orders.


Your gift empowers individuals and families to step forward and remake their lives while maintaining their dignity

A More Beautiful World

Each product you purchase helps restore lives and rebuild communities on the frontlines of Iraq, Syria, and beyond.

Future Provision

Your gift helps create a new job for a refugee as a baker, seamstress, shop owner—the possibilities are as unique as the people we serve.